Mario, Claudio and Lorenzo. Grandfather, father and son. We are the last three generations who carry on with passion the tradition of a story of which very little has been lost.

Mario is the cornerstone of the family, on whose shoulders years and years of experience and tradition rest. His valuable advice and his infinite knowledge of the land have allowed us to carry out a project that looks to innovation while remaining firmly on our roots.

Claudio challenged himself in very uncertain times by investing heavily in the purchase of a part of the company that is now located in Castellina in Chianti. His passion and stubbornness helped him to open up a path in the world of wine and entrepreneurship with his own strength. It represented the transition from a peasant production to a professional one, starting to create quality bottles and opening up to the whole world, tracing the foundations of a path that his son Lorenzo is now continuing with as much passion and talent.

Lorenzo is the present button of the company on which the projects and ambitions of the future rest. His infinite curiosity towards what concerns the earth and its laws spur him year after year to study in depth all the techniques of innovation and experimentation both at the countryside and cellar level and his artistic training allows him to have a look open and innovative on the aesthetic aspects of each bottle. Its mission is to look at the past with a critical rather than a nostalgic key to bring the best into the future and to reconcile the ancient potential of its vineyards with the new that remains to be discovered to give continuity to our culture by highlighting the greatest point of strength that lies in the fact of being Tuscan. Its production idea is the integration of the most contemporary processing techniques at the service of tradition. The goal is to revisit the ancient native vines to bring them to a production focused on quality.

Agriturismo Castellina in Chianti - Tuscany

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