Our Gambassi Terme vineyards are mainly composed of Sangiovese, of which we breed 6 different clones ranging from the age of 5 to 35 years.
The other small part is made up of our very ancient Colorino, which we cloned from the company’s old vines and from a Rebo, a very particular and interesting vine that has intrigued us a lot in recent years and that comes from our latest experiments.
Moving on to the white vines, we find our Trebbiano, unique until 5 years ago when we decided to replant even 2 small vineyards of Vermentino and Manzoni crossing.
In the land of Castellina in Chianti, on the other hand, we have three other Sangiovese clones, still welded by our Colorino and by the two new vineyards of 8.000mq of Ciliegiolo and Malvasia nera respectively.
Our operating ethics requires us to ban herbicides, pesticides and invasive chemical treatments, in favor of innovative systems designed to preserve the integrity of our plants and the health of the soil, in symbiosis with our ecosystem. We prefer the use of organic fertilizers to maintain the original compositions of our soils and for the underground microfauna, which is essential not to create compaction and to promote water retention.
Most of the processes are carried out manually, to evaluate and best meet the needs of each individual screw.

Agriturismo Castellina in Chianti - Tuscany

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