At Fontalsalice we see our work as being a continuation of tradition and all that typifies our land.
Our own story begins in Fontalsalice, only a few steps away from San Gimignano. Besides being the family home and the place where everything started, it represents the main reason for wanting to pursue our project with the construction of a new cellar. The two IGT labels, along with a Chianti, which most effectively testify to our passion for wine-making, were created in the bosom of these hills with their natural vocation for great wines.

La Rocca di Cispiano, a unique place where past and present meet. Here our guests can find inner peace and the true essence of Tuscany, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. The ancient village and the winery itself provide the perfect setting for enjoying precious moments in this unique part of our country. Elegant wines and typical local dishes can be enjoyed against a background of gentle hills and flourishing vineyards. The three Chianti Classico wines produced here have a complex structure and a clean assertive taste, regaling sensations of softness and great balance.
Our fields and winery have always been run by the same people with a high degree of professionalism, thanks to an ingrained awareness of our concept of quality and our passion for this craft.
Each staking system is made from wood and steel, this being a first step towards fully organic farming. Careful pruning, aimed at selecting the best grapes, reconciles high quality with the elimination of herbicides and invasive treatments and takes us yet another step forward towards a method focused on sustainability. Crop resistance is a major priority for our firm. Crops are therefore diversified each year depending on climate conditions, rainfall, and the needs of the land, from partial or total grassing to all field cultivation. The use of machinery is also limited as far as possible, since we prefer the fruits of skilled, accurate workmanship, stemming from our own choice of ties, defoliation or grape selection.

Our philosophy follows us into the cellar where, from when the grapes arrive up until the cold maceration phase, their contact with oxygen is kept to a minimum, with the aid of nitrogen and carbon dioxide snow which help develop the primary aromas of this fruit. Fermentation processes are carried out using natural yeasts in stainless steel and enamelled concrete tanks to optimize temperature and hygiene management. The grape must is controlled almost obsessively several times a day, separated on the grounds of origin and accompanied with plunging and délestage, according to the stage of its advancement. After pressing and separating the must, we pay particular attention to the timing of the decanting process to confer an elegant taste to our products. Off-the-skins vinification, such as that applied to our Trebbiano, is executed with particular care: clarification and stabilization processes are carried out naturally with temperature chilling and a limited use of sulphites. The malolactic fermentation of red wines takes place prior to ageing in barriques, tonneaux and French oak barrels, where the wine is aged from 12 to 24 months. Each year we experiment the use of new wood species and toasting processes to confer roundness and elegance to our wines, checking them at regular intervals, so that they may even age up to 30 years.
Once the blend is construed for each wine, the ageing process continues in steel tanks to improve its sensorial characteristics until it reaches the bottling stage.

Commercial aspects

Starting from 2016, our bottles will be marketed with new labels showing the new brand ((( Fontalsalice))). From this year, fully confident and conscious of the high quality of our production techniques and the deep-rooted tradition of our firm, we intend to invest in communication, starting from our new website, which will be constantly updated with images illustrating our production. The time has come for us to put our wines to the test by participating in comparative tasting sessions and procuring mentions in international wine guides, while also welcoming comments and reviews on the relentless and conscientious work we have done in the last 15 years.
Our product range will also include an extraordinary Super Tuscan wine as soon as tests comply with our high quality standards. This will allow us to extend our sales channels beyond those already existing in Germany, Sweden, China, and to really unleash our imagination.
Our ideal concept of sustainability takes us back to the origins of our land, when Etruscans used to cultivate these crops in perfect harmony with nature. In our vineyards we take care to safeguard biodiversity, a vital heritage for wine production, as an authentic expression of our territory. Regular cleaning and maintenance is carried out in our woodlands.
In a relatively near future, backed up by the construction of an architecturally innovative cellar with spacious areas dedicated to each evolutionary process,  we intend to produce and utilize renewable energy produced by photovoltaic systems. The path we embarked on years ago will lead us to a system of fully organic farming, also contemplating the use of  integrated pest control.