" The perfect place to spend moments of peace among the romantic hills in the heart of Tuscany "

Cispiano means "House of Cispio", probably the name of a roman soldier settled in Chiantishire, it stays on the old roman construction. Maybe the vine is cultivated since than. The actual construction is made on the Maps of the Guelph Captains of the half sixteen century; the brand is taken from this.

The rock is situated on the tops of the hillocks which divide the water of the Elsa from the Pesa, in the centre of the Chianti classical area, near Castellina in Chianti, there's only 21 km from Siena and 40km from Florence.

With its 47 hectares of hilly lands, full of forest, trees of olive and vineyard, this place is the best of the zone and thanks to its sunny position and the particular composition of the land give grapes of highly quality.