Rapolano Spa

Another wonderful destination for those who want to dedicate themselves to the care of the body and the spirit, in a day of extreme relaxation.

The waters of these magnificent spas, naturally flow at a temperature of 39 degrees and thanks to the sulfur and bicarbonate of calcium present in them, they have immediate therapeutic properties and confer extreme relaxation.

You can also ask staff for spa treatments to suit your every need.

Petriolo Spa

If you are looking for absolute relaxation in unspoiled nature, this is the place for you!

Located in the Natural Reserve of the Basso Merse, these ancient natural baths are famous all over the world for their healing properties and for their pleasant natural temperature of about 42 degrees, they are also free and accessible to all.

There is also the possibility to access, for a fee, to the spa and wellness center that are adjacent to the natural pools, where you can request beneficial and specific treatments.