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Backed up by a longstanding wine-making experience, the Lepri family, dedicates body and soul to on-going experimentation both in the vineyards and winery, comprising the selection of autochthonous clones, farming and fermentation methods, wine-making techniques, various wood species, different barrel sizes and ages and regular monitoring of the in-bottle ageing process.
The Lepri family founded Fontalsalice in 1920 under the name of Santa Lucia and started to invest in this area with its marked vocation for the production of high quality wines, in whatever way it was possible to valorise a “terroir” with such a high wine-growing potential.  

Once they had settled in the Chianti Classico area in 2000, they acquired the Fortress of Cispiano (La Rocca di Cispiano) in the hope that it would become a new landmark for the production of high quality Tuscan wines. The Lepri family is the living proof that everything in Cispiano is closely linked to tradition, passion and intuition. The members of the Lepri family have always run the business personally, in a way that has been characterized by bold decisions and a focus on innovation, coupled with an unfaltering respect for tradition and the local territory.

Mario, Claudio and Lorenzo, who represent the last three generations, are passionately engaged in preserving a tradition of which little has been lost.

Mario selects clones of autochthonous grapes according to the type of cultivation and altitude of the vineyards, refusing to plant those of foreign origin.

"It is nonsense to grow French vine varietals when we have our own of such great potential to promote".

Claudio works constantly at identifying increasingly narrow margins of improvement both in the vineyards and in the winery. He carries on the tradition inherited from his father while integrating it with avant-garde processing techniques and fermentation methods together with constant experimentation into new wood species and ageing methods.

Today the company is run by Lorenzo, who is in personally in charge of administrative activities.

Lorenzo Lepri

Lorenzo has picked up the precious heritance left by his grandfather, Mario, one of the local experts of Sangiovese and, thanks to his ten-year experience in wine-making, aims at promoting the firm’s labels worldwide through leading wine guides and events of a national and international nature. The objective is to penetrate the market for latest generation productions of great wines.    
As he declares:“We still have a mission to fulfil; we want to look back critically rather than nostalgically in order to recover the best of our past experience and put it to good use in the future. The ancient potential of our vineyards must be reconciled with whatever the future brings, to offer continuity to our culture by highlighting its main strongpoint, that of being Tuscan."
Our objective is to revisit the ancient autochthonous varietals and upgrade them to a production based on quality.
Sangiovese, Colorino Nero and Trebbiano; these are the grapes we work with to fill each bottle with the emotions and sensations only the Tuscan landscape can transmit. Each day of the year we work meticulously to grasp the intensity of fragrances and aromas to produce strong wines of great structure.   


In the production of our wines, the farm welcomes the suggestions of Fabio Signorini, a friend and an oenologist who has been working with us for more than thirty years, and who has always lived in the Chianti hills, a member of the great Chianti Classico family.  Thanks to the dedication and passion he puts into his work, he has effectively interpreted our idea of wine-making.

A special thanks goes to our number one supporter, advisor, and mother, Luisella, to Giorgio, and to the other members of the team who make our estate such a charming place, in which hard work is mingled with pleasure.